Xanax consumption has a certain set of dos and donts associated with it. While the effectiveness of the drug can be increased by consuming it with certain natural elements, at the same time, the euphoria of its sedative effect can be increased with some chemicals or drugs.

Consuming Xanax with grape fruit juice has many favorable impacts on the body and health in general. Also, as per nutritionists it has a good weight reducing impact that must largely help obese people shed their extra pounds. However, careful consumption of any fruit with a drug is always advised. Ideally, the time interval between the consumption of both xanax and grape fruit is 24 hours which will let Xanax to metabolize in the system as it was originally intended. Anyone experimenting their drug with other edibles or drinks or drugs must consult their doctor beforehand to avoid any mishap.

A  grapefruit has beneficial components called flavonoids and they are available in varying potencies in all citrus fruits. These flavonoids work in stimulating the fat-burning enzymes within the body and hence better the metabolism. The grape fruit juice has some alternatives as well such as

Oranges, lemons, limes and tangerines as these will not block digestive enzymes in the small intestine, which leaves the concentration of drug uncompromised.

Certain chemicals and drugs, if combined with Xanax will have adverse effect on health over prolonged use and a speedy hike in euphoria as an immediate effect. Alcohol and other such drugs consumed with Alprazolam work as a potentiator and one has to be extremely careful in such cases. Although drug is recommended to be used with no other medicine as it may cause chronic effects, but still people combine it with another drugs that have similar effects on body or alcohol which again has high numbing effects just in order to increase t sedating effect and pleasure if the euphoria created.

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